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This year marks 17 years of me working full-time from home.

It's kind of crazy when I look back to 2004.

The J.O.B I had was long hours, working away from home Monday-Friday and I'd being doing it for 8 years.

I was frustrated and my life wasn't going in the direction I wanted.

Something had to give.

Fortunately, for a few years I had been looking on the internet for ways to make money.
(Although, internet access was really different back then, with dial up modems, huge monitors and computers that took 2 minutes to load up a program!)
But I knew deep down that I was going to find a way of making enough money to quit that J.O.B.

It didn't happen overnight but I eventually found a way to make it happen....and the rest, as they say, is history.

So why am I telling you all this?

Well, because I know what it's like to be frustrated if you're struggling to make something happen online.

- Maybe you've tried lots of things and none of them seem to work for you?

- Maybe you're not sure which direction to go in?

- Maybe you're just getting bogged down in the technical side of things and that's not what you want to do?

Whatever is holding you back, I want to help you to push through it.

I'm very lucky I found you as a coach!!!

I can state it, as I had some other experiences with coaches/mentors and one was terrible, the others not bad but not even as satisfying and useful as yours!!

He was a very good person, and extremely willing to help, but he wasn't as knowledgeable as you, and too many times, when I had questions, he didn't know the answer.

It's great having a mentor who knows his stuff in web marketing AND has a solid technical knowledge, as you will never get stuck with tech issues, and can use your time and energy for the important tasks."

Sam B

What Can I Help You With?

Over the course of my time working online, I've learned many things including niche website building, WordPress site creation, SEO, site flipping, product creation, sales funnels, list building, affiliate marketing and the list goes on.

In fact, I've...

- Sold $120,204 worth of websites on Flippa.com (thousands more privately)

- Had over 200,000 clicks on my Adsense ads

- Built email lists of thousands of subscribers

- Made $67,431 in affiliate commissions from just 2 sources simply by sending emails

- Built a six figure WordPress plugin business

- Made hundreds of product sales via Amazon.com

- Had a top ten selling Clickbank product

- Been part of a secret underground SEO community that currently charges $7,000+ to be part of

I'm telling you all this, just to give you an idea of how I could help you with your own business and to prove to you that I know what I'm talking about!
Who Is This Coaching For?

Well, no matter what stage of making money online you are at, I can help you to get to that next level.

Maybe you are:

- Struggling to rank a website

- Not sure how to setup a professional looking website

- Wanting to create a product but not sure how

- Trying to make a sales funnel but it's too complex

- Not sure which direction to choose

- Getting frustrated with technical issues

- Tired of buying courses and never making money with them

- Wanting to start a YouTube channel but need tips on how to make videos and rank them

Or whatever else is holding you back, I can help!

How Does It Work?

When you sign up for my personal coaching, you get unlimited email support, Monday-Friday for an entire 30 days.

This isn't outsourced anywhere, it's 1-2-1 with just me and you and it's me that will be answering your questions.

We'll first discuss what your goal is and then devise a plan to get you there.

I hold NOTHING back and will share with you all I know, so that we can get you moving fast.

Are You Ready To Get Started?

Just use the button below to get my personal coaching for the next 30 days.

I am only opening this up for 5 people (2 spots left) because I need to have enough time and resources for each person. Once all spots are taken, this offer will be removed.

But if the button below is still there, you can be one of those people!
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(One Time Payment For 30 Days Of Personal Help)

As soon as you lock in your spot, you'll be given all the instructions you need to get started. And you can always contact me at my email below.

With sincerity,

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Q - I can't start right away but don't want to miss out, what can I do?

A - Sign up and we can start on a day that suits you.

Q - It says 30 days of personal help but Monday to Friday. Does that mean it's 6 weeks in total?

A - I say Monday to Friday but will almost certainly provide help at weekends too. What can I say, I enjoy what I do! So it's 30 days from the day you want to begin.

Q - Can you guarantee I'll make money?

A - No. I can only guarantee I'll give you my best, proven advice.

Q - Is there a money back guarantee?

A - No. As it's taking my personal time, there's no money back guarantee.

Q - Will you physically do the work for me?

A - No. If I did then I'd have to charge thousands. I'm here to give you my personal advice and guide you in the right direction. But having said that, if you are struggling with anything technical that you can't figure out, I'll never leave you hanging :)

Q - I think my cat has been possessed by Satan, what should I do?

A - That's a matter for you, your cat and your psychiatrist!

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