The short answer; an UNLIMITED amount.

The longer answer is that it’s impossible to say.

I’ve seen people come into the industry and struggle for years to get any sales at all.

But I’ve also seen people jump into high ticket programs, with no experience whatsoever, and make $1,000,000 within 12 months (even faster in a few cases).

It all comes down to choosing a program you can trust. One that pays a good amount. And also the effort you put in.

As a beginner to affiliate marketing, you need to become an information sponge.

You need to be constantly learning and applying what you learn.

  • That will get you results.
  • Results will build confidence.
  • Confidence will make you unstoppable.

But you need to be willing to accept the fact that results might not come fast.

Don’t quit.

It’s an industry that’s been paying my bills for 20 years and can pay yours too.

Stick it out, learn from experienced marketers and you’ll get there.

One commission at a time 🙂

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