The role of an affiliate marketer is actually quite simple; to connect a person’s problem to a solution.

Let’s say for example, someone wants to lose belly fat.

We search for a product that solves that problem and give the person our affiliate link for the product.

We then make money when they buy.

This can be repeated in countless niches and with thousands of products.

But most importantly, it can be done at SCALE.

It doesn’t have to be done by providing one link at a time to each person.

A smart affiliate will create content based around the problem.

Then provide their affiliate link as the solution.

The content can be written, videos, audios, photos or any other way they want to use.

Social media gives affiliates the ability to get their content in front of millions of people.

By using engaging content, with a solution to a problem and by showing it to people with that problem, you have the possibility for endless amounts of commissions.

That’s what makes affiliate marketing so awesome!

There is literally no limit on the amount you can earn, other than the possible limiting beliefs you might have in your mind.

Get over those and that’s why some affiliates make millions every single year, without ever creating a product of their own.

Is it time you got started?

P.S. – In over 20 years of being an affiliate, there’s barely anything that has come close to this. Promote ONE link and earn low, medium, high and recurring commissions from a team with over 30 years experience. Check it out here.

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