From the outside looking in, we can often think that people who ‘make it’ are the lucky ones.

They just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Or maybe had a hunch and it paid off.

But of course, in reality nothing could be further from the truth.

Entrepreneurs who ‘make it’ go through years of hard work, failures and often very dark moments before they finally make it work and breakthrough.

Here are 5 facts about Entrepreneurs that may surprise you:

#1 – Colonel Sanders

Did you know that Colonel Sanders, the founder of the world famous KFC chain, was 65 years old when he decided to develop his chicken empire?

Not letting his age stop him, he got rejected more than 1,000 times from restaurants who didn’t see his vision and wouldn’t set up a franchise with him. It was only on the 1,010th time that he got a ‘Yes’.

This proves that you’re never too old to start and also that never quitting will pay off in the end.

#2 – Rowland Macy

The founder of the famous Macy’s brand was a serial Entrepreneur. But he failed in his previous 7 business ventures before making Macy’s a success.

Again, you must have the drive to not let failure stand in your way.

#3 – Warren Buffett

Despite being worth an estimated $87.1 Billion and being the third richest person in the World, Warren Buffet spends only $3.17 every morning for breakfast. Which is at McDonalds.

He also still lives in the family home which he bought 50 years ago. It has no security and not even gates to enter it. He also uses a flip phone and refuses to buy a smart phone.

#4 – Soichiro Honda

Soichiro Honda once applied for an engineering job at Toyota. They turned him down. So he set up a rival firm instead. Honda is now one of the main rivals of Toyota and one of the largest car makers in the World.

#5 – Mark Zuckerberg

As the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg only has a salary of $1 per year. Granted, he has an estimated net worth of $65.8 Billion but it’s still a surprising fact nonetheless.

It is also estimated he earns $4 Million a day in interest on his wealth, so he’s not exactly reliant on his salary!

That concludes these 5 Entrepreneur facts, it just goes to show that no Entrepreneur gets their so-called ‘success’ the easy way.

Most fail many times before they hit the jackpot.

So the next time you ever think of quitting, just remember that you might be closer than you think.

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