In this post, I want to share the replay from The Four Percent Entrepreneur Show from Monday night.

It shares something that 96% of people neglect to do and it’s the MAIN reason why they never achieve what they set out to achieve.

This video could literally change your life in the next 68 minutes (if you put it into practise):

Here’s my own notes:

  • How come you’re not there yet?
  • You want to be in the top 4% not the 96%
  • Change your thinking to reach the next level. Go from $100, to $2,500 then to $62,500.

  • 3 levels of money; Physical, Psychic and Spiritual.

8 Steps To Level Up

#1 – Current location. Take an inventory.

#2 – What’s your destination?

#3 – Why? The language of the sub-conscious mind is pictures. Ask yourself why 5 times to get to the core.

#4 – What is the price tag of your destination?

#5 – Decide. Do you want it or not?

#6 – Commit. I’m going for it.

#7 – Plan.


If you can conceive it, you can achieve it.

P.S. Are YOU one of the few people who get this? Let me know

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