If you are just starting out on your entrepreneurial journey, then you’ll probably find it quite a lonely place to be at times.

But that’s completely normal.

Many of your close friends and family might not ‘get’ what you are doing and why you are doing it.

And that’s OK too.

You know.

You know exactly what you want to achieve and what it will mean to you when you get there.

Never lose touch with that. It’s important.

Here are 7 tips to help you keep motivated on your new journey:

#1 – Dump The Negative People in Your Life

This might sound harsh and many people won’t do it. But you need to distance yourself from people who are constantly negative. Those that blame others for how their life is. Those that mock you for doing something different.

They might be friends or even family but these people WILL bring you down.

Distance yourself from them and never forget WHY you are doing what you are doing.

#2 – Replace Them With 5 People You Want To Become

Jim Rohn famously said “We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with”. What this means is that if you spend time with people you respect, want to learn from and want to be like, then that’s what you’ll become.

Make a list of 5 people in your chosen field who you consider to be the best. The most successful. Study them. Learn how they have become so successful. Model what they are doing.

Sometimes it won’t be possible to literally meet these people. So put your best stalker hat on and watch their every move (not literally obviously!). What are they posting on their blogs? Do they have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter? What are they posting and how often? Have they released any courses or trainings you can take.

Do your best to copy these people. As Tony Robbins says “Success leaves clues”. You just have to model yourself on successful people.

#3 – Write Down Your Goals

You’ve definitely heard this one before, right?

But have you actually done it?

You absolutely have to have a goal card or vision board of what you want to achieve.

The fancy cars, the big house, the lazy beach holidays.

Make sure you see them EVERY single day. Put them in places you spend the most time. Take a goal card with you everywhere you go. Touch it. Feel it. Take it out and look at it whenever you can (OK, going a bit Fifty Shades of Grey now!).

But you get the point.

Watch The Biggest Secret in the World video and it explains why this is so important and why it works so well.

When you write your goals down they become real.

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#4 – Celebrate The Small Wins

There’s no point putting in all this effort if you cannot reward yourself.

Set small goals that all lead you on a path to achieve your big goals.

When you reach these small goals, celebrate. Don’t go over the top and blow any money you have made. But allow yourself a treat. Book a holiday. Buy those new clothes. Take your partner or family out for a nice meal.

Whatever makes you happy, do it.

Then you’ll know that when you reach the next goal, you’ll be able to celebrate again.

Small wins = Massive steps to your dream lifestyle.

#5 – Picture Your Dream Lifestyle

Visualizing your dreams is just as important as writing down your goals.

If you can picture yourself already having achieved your goals, then your subconscious will start to think this has already happened. Then it will give you ideas that you never might have thought of yourself.

If you can ‘trick’ your subconscious mind, then it will work hard even whilst you sleep, to get you what you are dreaming of.

So picture yourself already having achieved it.

What would a typical day be like for you?

What would the air smell like?

What would that amount of freedom actually do for you?

What does the inside of that Ferrari really smell like?

How tasty is that lobster?

Whatever your dream lifestyle is, never take that picture out of your mind and pretend that you have already got it.

Don’t be afraid to pay the price and act the part of the person you want to become.

#6 – Allow Yourself Some ‘Me’ Time

Working from the same spot can not only drive you crazy but has been proven to limit your mind too.

So make a point of mixing up where you work from. Spend the day in another room of your home or office. Take a laptop to a local coffee shop and work from there. Go and drive to a nice quiet spot and do some quality thinking.

Sometimes when you are out of your normal comfort area, your brain will come up with some amazing ideas that just wouldn’t have come to you sat in the same spot.

Even if you just go for a walk. Make a point of finding a way to think or work somewhere different.

#7 – Become A Better Version of What You Are Today

If you study successful people, then you’ll see that a large percentage of them are not just successful in business but in most things they do too.

They take the time to look after their body and minds, not just how much money they are making.

Health and fitness is going to be important to you.

It’s no good being able to afford a luxury beach holiday if you are too embarrassed to take off your shirt on the beach.

Being successful is creating your ‘ideal’ you. What do they look like? How much do they weigh? What clothes do they were?

You CAN BECOME this person. Just remember that success in one area of your life is not enough. You have to be successful and be the best in every area,

That’s the key to becoming the person you want to become.

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