I say ‘any’ product but in reality it won’t be all.

However, it WILL get you approved for more of them.

Just in case you’re not familiar with WarriorPlus and how it works, here’s a quick rundown.

WarriorPlus allows product vendors to add their products onto the platform. They accept payment, have a product marketplace and other great features.

But one of the best ones is they allow affiliates to promote vendors products for a percentage of each sale.

Which sounds great but there’s one drawback – affiliates need to get approved by each vendor to promote their products.

And if you’re new to affiliate marketing, this can be very tricky.

As someone who gets approval requests on a regular basis, I can tell you why I reject most of them; because almost all requests say this:

I am an affiliate marketer who has a big email list. I will promote your product to my list and do a review video for my YouTube channel which has 10,000 subscribers.

This might sound impressive, but then I look at their WarriorPlus history and they’ve made less than 5 sales.

Something isn’t quite right there is it? !!

But this is the same kind of request everyone makes.

So how DO you get approved on WarriorPlus?

Try this – just be honest.

Tell people you’re new. Tell them how you will promote.

You’ll find that many vendors will actually give you a chance because you’re doing something that others aren’t.

You’re being honest and genuine.

You’re not copying and pasting the same generic message that some GOOROO has told people will work.

Like I say, this won’t work for all vendors. But it will certainly get you better results than being generic.

That’s how to get WarriorPlus product approval even if you’re new.

Hope this helps!

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