Whilst free traffic is great, it’s very hard to generate it fast.

That’s why paid traffic is preferred by many marketers. It can literally start the same day, get results the same day and can be scaled the same day.

Now of course, it’s going to cost a small amount of money to get started. But just one positive campaign can be scaled into a lot of daily commissions.

So if you’re someone who is impatient and doesn’t want to wait for free traffic, this post is for you 🙂

Let’s jump in to method #1…

Method #1 – Facebook Ads Direct To Clickbank Offers

This method is used by the #1 Clickbank affiliate in the world. He basically picks offers from the Clickbank Marketplace and then sets up Facebook ads to drive traffic straight to them. My understanding is that he doesn’t collect leads or use squeeze pages, just drives traffic direct to offers.

(Now full disclosure, I’m not sure of the EXACT way he sets it up as I’m sure Facebook doesn’t allow direct affiliate links but my understanding is he doesn’t use squeeze pages at all).

This quick video shows him logging into his Clickbank account (and he has FREE training here):

Even if you have to put a squeeze page in the middle before people see the offer, it’s still a great way of getting traffic fast to affiliate offers from Clickbank.

So just pick popular offers from Clickbank then set up ads in Facebook to target people who might be interested in those offers.

This can be done today.

Method #2 – Udimi Solo Ads To Low Ticket Products

Udimi traffic is typically low-med in quality. So choosing products that are low priced will probably help.

But there’s also a smarter way…

Choose a low ticket offer from a vendor that has higher ticket offers which you would also get the commissions for.

Companies like ClickFunnels™, FourPercent, Anthony Morrison etc are great for this. Just choose a low priced item to promote and then let the companies do the marketing for you. When someone buys a higher ticket item, you get that commission.

Doing it that way is going to work out better with low-med quality traffic from Udimi.

This can absolutely be done today as many solo ad sellers will email out the same day.

Method #3 – Bing Ads Direct To Affiliate Offers

This method is one that one of ClickFunnels™ top affiliates Spencer Mecham uses. He’s made more than $1 million promoting just ClickFunnels™ and also lots of money promoting other products.

He targets keywords on Bing that are quite long tail. If the vendor allows you to use their product name, then he does that. If not, then it’s a long tail keyword that matches what the product is about, what it solves or what would make sense.

If he’s advertising a Facebook messenger bot for example, he’ll target keywords about messenger marketing, facebook bot marketing etc.

He then sends the traffic from Bing, directly to his own training about the product he’s promoting. People sign up for free, then get the training but also then get added to his autoresponder which promotes other products too.

So one person on that list could potentially buy several products as they go through the email sequence.

The key that makes his approach different is he creates free training for every product he wants to get behind. So there’s a ton of value he’s sharing for free, people see how the product is used and will just copy what he’s doing.

So he’s not heavily promoting the products, just showing how they can best be used. People see this and copy him. They buy the product. He makes his commission.


Those are just 3 ways you could use to potentially make affiliate commissions fast.

It’s all about using paid traffic that will be targeted for the product you are promoting.

Start small and scale up 🙂

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