I’ve been creating and selling websites for as long as I can remember (more than 10 years). At last count, I’ve sold $119,233 worth of websites on Flippa.com:

In my opinion, it’s one of the easiest ways to actually make money online. You can get started for almost nothing if you do the work yourself. Yet the rewards can be pretty quick and also quite lucrative.

People are creating websites and selling them for $500,000 within a year.


There’s one here that sold for $532,824 within 12 months of being built:

It really is a great way to make a nice profit, working from home.

OK, let’s get onto the main topic.

Here are 5 tips I personally use to sell websites on Flippa.com:

#1 – Use a 7-10 Day Listing

There’s no need to use a listing for a longer period of time unless you expect to make 5-6 figures from the site. In most cases, using a 7 day listing is plenty of time to get enough interested buyers to see the site sell.

I generally like to list on a Monday evening (UK time) at around 6pm. Let it run for a full 7 days, as most bids will come in within the last 48 hours.

Bidding wars are great 🙂

#2 – Start Your Listing At $1

Having a good amount of bidders is a good way to get your auction noticed. So starting at $1 will encourage people with lower budgets to place a bid. I generally like to wait until I have 3 or more bids before even accepting the first one. That way people are guessing what others have bid and may want to go in slightly higher than they normally would if there were no bids at all.

#3 – Set A Reasonable Reserve Price

The reserve price is the amount where the auction will sell. If it doesn’t hit that amount then it won’t sell. So it’s important to set one that you are happy to accept but also not to set one too high, where it won’t sell at all.

Once you’ve sold a few sites at auction, you’ll get a good feel on how much your site should fetch. So set that as the reserve price. You can always lower the reserve throughout the auction if you choose.

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#4 – Provide As Much Detail As You Can In Your Listing

To avoid you constantly having to answer questions all week, make sure you add as much detail within the auction listing as you can. List out all the benefits that the site has, how old it is, how much it is making, what work is required to keep it going etc.

Post screenshots to prove traffic stats, income stats and anything else you are claiming.

#5 – The Buy It Now Trick

This is one thing that increases my end sale often up to 50% more. I only add a BIN price within the last 12 hours of an auction. People will ask you what the BIN price is during the week. Just tell them you’ll add it at the end of the auction and the amount will be based on what the bid is at that time. Tell them you’ll message them when it’s added.

In the last 12 hours, you should have a good idea how many serious bidders you have, so it’s time to set the amount. This can easily be up to 50% more than what it currently stands at.

For example, if your highest bid is $3,000 and you have several interested bidders, set the BIN at $4,000 or $4,500 or maybe even $5,000.

Then message all your bidders and tell them you’ve added the BIN price.

Normally within an hour, one of them will push the button and buy the site. It works every single time.

So that concludes these tips, I hope you have found them useful and that you can use them to increase the amount you get when listing websites for sale on Flippa or anywhere else online.

Happy Flipping!

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