Here’s a quick thought of the day regarding the importance of goal cards:

More videos on the Youtube channel here.

As mentioned in the video, I avoided doing this for years.

I never set solid goals and certainly didn’t rewrite them every day. But since doing so, I can honestly say that the motivation it has given me is huge.

So why not try it for yourself?

Just write out a goal that you want to achieve and have it where you can see it every single day. Then rewrite this goal again every morning. It only takes a couple of minutes.

Your sub-conscious will take over and you’ll act like you’ve already achieved the goal and by repeating this process, you WILL achieve the goal.

I know this might sound like it’s not worth the time or won’t work but I can only tell you what it’s doing for me…and that is; massive things!

Do it for the next 7 days and let me know if anything changes for you 🙂

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