Well, in truth it began in 2018 but this time I’m going all in!

This time I’m setting up funnels, multiple streams of income and paying for traffic (which is a new and scary thing for me as I generally focus on free traffic only).

So here’s the deal…

I’m going to create affiliate systems and detail the types of funnels I’m setting up, the products I’ll be promoting as an affiliate, the paid traffic methods and also the results I get.

Good or bad!

I’m doing this not only to help me document the process but also in the hope that it might help you too. Copy what works and avoid what doesn’t.

I’ll be posting small updates more often as I go through the process, so be sure to sign up to the update list as I’ll email when new updates are added.

I’m going to follow The Million-Dollar Conversion Model from the Four Percent Challenge:

This model shows how to build an affiliate system that just plain crushes everything else out there. It’s responsible for millions of dollars in affiliate sales and is the difference between failing or succeeding as an affiliate entrepreneur.

So I have 2 landing pages (squeeze pages) set up and I’m going to run some solo email ads to them and split test to see which one is the winner. Then I’ll use that one as my control page and test it against another one. My aim is to constantly keep beating the control page to maximize my optin rate.

I’ll be using other paid and free traffic methods too and tracking the results using ClickMagick.

Once I have a system in place that converts and is profitable then I can scale it up and push on from there.

You’ll be able to copy the results and use them for anything you want to promote as an affiliate. For me, I’m going to promote the Four Percent Challenge because I’m actually going through the challenge myself and absolutely love it. Plus it has an eco-system that has multiple streams of income already built in, so I can make money from the Four Percent products, ClickFunnels, ClickMagick and lots more separate products without doing any extra work.

Pretty cool!

So that’s all for now, I’ll post more updates very soon…

P.S. – Any questions just let me know – tony@hubzap.com

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