In this post, I’ll share a great model that I’m personally using to build affiliate funnels that run on autopilot once you set them up just the once.

But first of all, what exactly is an affiliate funnel machine?

Well, they typically looks like this:

– You have an affiliate product you want to promote.

– You then create a funnel that gets people in your front door and to give you their email address.

– You then have a series of follow up emails that get people back to the affiliate offer you are promoting.

Once you have this set up, your only mission is to get more people into the funnel.

You can go very deep into each precise step but for the purpose of this post I’ll keep things light 🙂

So let’s dive into the first step…

Step #1 – Choosing An Affiliate Offer

Check out this video where I share a few places you can look to find your ideal offers:

So the sites mentioned are,, and™

Here are some key things to look for when searching for these products:

– Only promote QUALITY products that are evergreen.

– Check out the affiliate platform they are using to make sure it’s reputable and to make sure you will get paid on time.

– Does it pay recurring income? If so, that’s a great way to scale and to almost guarantee a passive monthly income.

Once you have chosen your product, it’s now funnel time!

Step #2 – Set Up Your Funnel

This video shows how a funnel will typically be set up:

Personally I use ClickFunnels™ to build my funnels. It’s a monthly fee but makes the process of building a funnel super fast and I really love using it. If you don’t want to use ClickFunnels™, just find another way of making squeeze pages and thank you pages. There are cheaper platforms, WordPress plugins and even people on Fiverr who will make you the pages you need.

Don’t let this step halt you in your tracks. Just find a way of getting the pages built 🙂

Another reason I love ClickFunnels™ though is that many product vendors will actually provide you with a done-for-you share funnel that you can import into your own ClickFunnels™ account with a single click.

So you don’t even need to create your own funnels. Just use theirs!

The autoresponder I personally use to collect leads and send out my emails is but you can use whichever one you prefer.

Once you have your funnel set up, let’s talk about emails…

Step #3 – The Email Sequence

It’s important to have your email sequence set up before you start driving traffic.

You don’t need to have 50+ emails before you start but you need to keep in front of the people who will be signing up. So make sure you have 5-10 emails scheduled before driving traffic and then keep adding an email a day to your sequence.

This video talks more about the actual emails:

Once you have those 3 steps completed, you’re all set for traffic.


Here are some ideas for generating traffic:

Solo Ads – If you want traffic fast, then solo ads are your answer. Just head over to, choose a vendor, give them your email which links to your squeeze page and they’ll send it out often the same day.

You’ll pay anywhere from 40c to 90c per click from these vendors. The quality is not the highest level but it IS fast. It’s great for testing optin rates and you can monitor if any sales take place.

Influencers – Another way to get traffic is to find an influencer who already has a target audience and pay them to announce your offer. Use a site like to find Instagram, Youtube and Facebook influencers who will tell their people about your offer.

Facebook Ads – You can set up ads through Facebook to promote your squeeze page. This process can be very tricky though, especially if you have never use the ads before. Plus, it can be very expensive.

One useful tip you can do is to only use Facebook ads for retargeting people who have visited your squeeze page. This brings the cost down substantially and you are targeting people already interested in your offer.

You can buy traffic cheap from solo ads, then retarget them on Facebook to get them back or to promote other offers. That way it’s cheaper and very targeted 🙂

Naturally, there are dozens more ways to get traffic. Find ways that suit your business and budget. But that’s your only job once you have that first funnel set up.

That’s when the fun begins!

Hope this post makes sense, one funnel can literally generate you 4-5 figures every month in affiliate income. As Russell Brunson from ClickFunnels™ always says….’You’re just one funnel away!

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