One of the things shared by Russell in the One Funnel Away Challenge is to publish one piece of content every single day for 365 days.

I shot a video on YouTube about this just a couple of days ago:

The piece of content can be a blog post, YouTube video, podcast, blog post or any means of publishing you prefer.

You just have to publish one piece, every single day for a year.

Why would you do this?

Because, as Russell says, you will never have to worry about money again.

By the end of the 365 days, you’ll have a hoard of people devouring your content who will also be glad to pay you for more.

You can create your own paid courses or simply just promote affiliate products.

But the key is you have to be consistent and be sure to publish every single day.

It’s certainly something to think about 🙂

P.S. –If you can do this every day, it ties in perfectly with my Rock Solid Super Affiliate course. Once you have your system set up, then publish every day, you’ll build yourself a solid business that will set you up for life.

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