In this post I’ll share the two main social media platforms you can use to boost your affiliate marketing business.

And I’ll also share with you the 3 C’s and why they are so important.

This video shows how to boost your affiliate business using social media:

You just need to pick one, or both, platforms and start producing content on a regular basis.

If using YouTube, do your research to find good keywords to target, look at videos from other influencers in your market and model that same content.

If Facebook is your platform, post daily providing value, results and share your lifestyle. You can also go live and do videos sharing information to your friend list. And why not create a Facebook Group too and use that to promote affiliate products you believe in.

Always remember the 3 C’s :

  • Create
  • Content
  • Consistently

Choose your platform, follow the above advice and you’ll be amazed when you do get that huge boost one day. Your life will never be the same again. But you have to believe it’s coming and keep putting out content 🙂

All the best.

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