Hi Fellow Zappers…

Catchy title eh?

I’m telling you not to sell products online, yet I sell products everyday online myself.

Have I lost my marbles?

Well, not quite yet.

What I’m saying is you should never try to ‘sell’ a product. People don’t want to buy a product, they want the RESULT of what that product will give them.

– No one wants to swallow pills filled with powder – they want to lose fat.

– No one wants a plastic box that makes a lot of noise sat in their office – they need to print things out for their business.

– No man wants to spray white cream all over their face – but they need to shave.

– No one wants a plastic power tool that is loud and messy to use – but they need to make holes in their walls.

Hopefully you get the point by now.

If you focus on selling the results of a product, then you’ll be leaps and bounds in front of anyone else who is trying to sell the same product.

People don’t care about how fast a washing machine spins, how many attachments a vacuum has or even how many Watts a microwave will cook your frozen meal with.

They care about the results, not the features.

Remember that when you’re trying to market your next product online.

OK, rambling over with for today!

Have a great day!

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