So I recently signed up to ClickFunnels™ which to be honest is something I have wanted to do for a long time.

I’ve just never been into building funnels and list building before.

So it’s taking me a little while to navigate through everything and build my first funnel (I’ll post an update on that soon.)

What really excites me is the ClickFunnels™ affiliate program. They have lots of products to promote, from free books through to expensive funnel building programs.

I decided to send out a quick email about the book DotCom Secrets. I own the book and have had it for a few months. I have it next to me most of the time, along with Expert Secrets his other book.

Both books are amazing. They show how to create your own tribe and then how to market to them, using funnels and products.

Anyway, I sent a quick email and made my first sale with them.

So $34.60 is my first income from this new journey.

It’s always exciting to see that first sale and I’m looking forward to more!

If you want to check out Clickfunnels™, then here’s the FREE 14 day trial.

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