In this weeks episode of the Four Percent Entrepreneur Show, Vick talks about how to create a $100k income (the show is LIVE every Monday night.)

One thing that drew me to the Four Percent Challenge was the mindset part of the course. And that’s a huge part of this weeks show:

My Notes:

  • Money makes you become a better person.

  • From the book ‘Thou Shall Prosper’, don’t look for a job, look for an opportunity to serve people.

  • Your mission as an entrepreneur is to serve as many people as you can reach.

  • How can I serve and add value.

  • It all starts with the foundation. Focus on that, not the skyscraper.

  • People at $1,500/m have different thoughts and habits than people at $100k/m have. But they can change. They are just lacking awareness.

  • True intention. Paradigm. Create a community. Serve that community.

  • Focus on the results you get with using the product and spread that message. Don’t focus on the product, just the result.

  • Only 3-5 people will actually get this.

P.S. Are YOU one of the 3-5 people who get this? Let me know

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