If you want to promote affiliate products on Facebook and don’t want to pay for ads, then this post is for you.

I’ll share how to start affiliate marketing on Facebook for free and you can get started today.

This video has all the details:

It’s such a simple process to set up and everything can be done without costing you a penny.

Here’s the system again for your reference:

The system can be split into 2 parts, the Profile and the Group.

The Profile

The aim is to use your Profile as a lead magnet to get people to join your Group.

Therefore, you’ll be sharing good information on your profile and requesting friends from groups within your niche.

You’ll have a header image and bio section that tells people about your free group and where to join.

The Group

You then ask if they want to join your free group, where you share information and tips about the niche.

You also share your affiliate links to various products in your group.

Now you just need to focus on posting value to your profile and to your group. Keep building up your friend list and growing your group.

That’s exactly how to start affiliate marketing on Facebook for free, right now in 2020.

All the best

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