In this post, I’ll answer the question ‘Is Legendary Marketer a scam or not?’ and also show you the value that they bring to the market.

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So what exactly is Legendary Marketer? They sell information products that teach people how to market online. So, products that how to build a business online and how to make money online.

Digital Courses

The courses they sell are a range of low to high ticket products. The 15 Day Business Builder Challenge is one of the most popular products. It’s only $7 and it will teach you how to build your own business starting from scratch, step by step in the next 15 days.

I bought it myself and it’s an excellent product. I’ve got a full review here, showing you the challenge, so you can see you can see exactly what’s in there.

Basically they have low mid-range and higher ticket products. So the most expensive products are the blueprints. The blueprints literally take you in depth into the core information that you need to know to structure a high ticket business.

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

So what they teach is how to sell your own products but also how to be an affiliate for other people’s products and get paid high commissions. We’re talking $500 to $1,000 commissions or more per sale that you make. It’s not like regular affiliate marketing, where you might get paid $5 or $10, it’s higher ticket.

Benefits of that are you make more money per sale. It allows you to put more money into resources whether that’s paid ads or however you’re driving traffic. Then it gives you more of a profit margin to actually put into your business.

And it can get you to whatever goal you have faster. If it’s quitting the 9-5 job, more financial security for your family, whatever it is it, it will get you there faster.

So higher ticket is a better model to go with than lower ticket. They basically just sell digital products, so they’re not an MLM company and they’re not a pyramid scheme. All they sell is digital products.

Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program

Now here’s where a lot of people get confused. They have an affiliate program and there are hundreds and hundreds of affiliates who promote the products from Legendary Marketer.

The product that most people promote, which is what I also do personally is the 15 Day Challenge. As an affiliate you’ll make a certain amount of money per sale, depending on the type of affiliate structure you go with. You can join as a free affiliate or a paid affiliate but basically you get paid a commission for every sale you make.

Now there’s no second tier affiliate program and there’s no different levels within the affiliate structure. That’s what makes it a legit program. So if I refer someone underneath me and they make sales, I don’t make any money. And I also don’t make any money from referring affiliates to the program. There’s no payout for me, there’s no commissions for me, I only get paid for the products that I personally promote.

That’s why Legendary Marketer is not a scam and that’s why it’s a legit program. They sell quality digital programs that literally help hundreds and hundreds of people every year get started online.

And the affiliate structure that goes alongside that, allows people to make money by recommending Legendary Marketer products. That is basically how their business works. It’s not a pyramid scheme, it’s not a scam, it’s a legit company and it’s a great company with one of the the most smartest marketers that you’ll come across with Dave Sharpe.

Get Started Today!

If you want to get started with Legendary, go check out the 15 Day Challenge here, go through it and you’ll quickly see the value that’s in the products and you can decide to invest in other products if you wish.

You can also choose to be an affiliate, if you want to promote the products yourself and make money that way.

Hope this helped and answers the question ‘is a legendary marketer a scam or not?’ and no, it is not 🙂

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