Or in other words; make a part time wage or a full-time income.

There’s a huge difference between the two of them.

If you continue to chase #1 then all you will ever make is a small amount of money.

But if you focus on #2 then you can build a REAL business that will continue to pay you whether you are there or not.

This is something I have only recently started doing myself. Sure, I’ve been working full-time online for almost 15 years now but I’ve never been building a business.

All I’ve been doing is earning enough money to pay the bills (and a bit more) which is great but I’ve always wanted something more.

In the back of my mind, there’s always been a part of me that wanted to build ONE business or brand. Just that ONE thing I can build, grow, scale and be proud of.

And it wasn’t until recently that I now started adopting this with HubZap.

HubZap is now a brand that I want to develop and to help as many people as possible.

It’s a business, not just a way to make some extra money.

Stop Searching And Build Yourself A Business

I think the mindset of treating something like a business is far more important than searching for how to make some extra money. Sure, you might get lucky and find something that might work for a short time. But for long term success, you should really want to build yourself a business.

And I’m not talking about needing overheads, staff, wages or anything like that.

In fact, you can build a $10,000+ per month business just promoting affiliate products right from your home computer.

But it has to be built around you. Once you can build a tribe of people who know, like and trust you, then you can almost write your own pay check each month.

You can’t be a ‘buy this product‘ marketer though. You have to be a ‘here’s some awesome value‘ type of marketer.

Provide value and you can be selling without ever having to actually sell.

Tony, Stop Rambling…

OK I’ll stop now but I hope this makes sense.

I genuinely believe that when you stop trying to make money and start building a business instead, then your life will change for the better in so many ways.

Thanks for reading my ramblings!

P.S. – When you have 90 minutes spare, watch this training video and you’ll see why I’m personally building my business using this method.

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