That’s how I got 1,517,042 impressions of MY content for zero cost in the last 28 days.

Not only that, my content was seen by 907,009 unique people and I’ve gained 2,230 new followers who I can market to every single day.

Whilst these numbers might seem impressive, I’ll be the first to admit it took me a while to figure out how best to use it.

Some of this was trial and error but mostly I’ve been following some of the best IG’ers around. People who have millions of followers. Learning what they do, when they post, how they grow.

My account is currently growing by 150-250 new followers a day and I am still only scratching the surface.

A few things that help:

– Post at least once per day

– Repost popular videos

– Use good hashtags

– Encourage interaction via questions or tagging friends

But the whole point of me doing it was to see if followers can turn into subscribers of my list.

And they do.

I have only used one offer in my bio, which is an affiliate promotion via a squeeze page. I haven’t used Call To Action posts or stories hardly at all yet. But more than 1,000 people visit my bio every single week.

And I get new subscribers.

So all in all, I’m really excited about blowing my account up even further and taking full advantage of the platform whilst it is still free and fully open to being utilized to get those people off the platform and onto my list.

I mean, how else can you get almost 1 MILLION people to see your content for FREE in just 28 days?

There’s no better time to build followers than right now!

P.S. – Any questions, just email me at

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Michael Spencer Rosemond · January 28, 2019 at 10:42 am

How may I access your instagram account.

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