The Four Percent Entrepreneur Show takes place every Monday night.

It’s a series of LIVE webinars that deliver pure business and entrepreneurship value. There are direct tips from Vick, along with interviews with affiliates and entrepreneurs who are making big waves in the industry.

Here’s a recent interview with Paolo Beringuel, where he reveals how he has gone from earning ZERO as an affiliate to now making $20k – $30k every single month (and growing):

Here are my own notes that I took when watching the video:

From Vick:

  • Implement what you learn if you want to win.
  • Moral authority, you have to own the products you promote and become the ‘product of the product’.
  • Sell the result, not the product.

From Paolo:

  • Stepped up to help his parents and moved to Australia.
  • Started to make money online in 2012, building up a YouTube channel and using affiliate marketing.
  • Joined the Four Percent Challenge and things started to change in 2016.
  • One video “How To Sell Without Selling” made a big impact. Learned to document his results from using products and then offer his proven steps as a bonus for people buying the affiliate product.
  • Several products can be promoted from within one bonus (ClickFunnels share funnel, Aweber emails etc).
  • Works from an apartment overlooking Sydney harbour (shows the view 36.00 minutes in).
  • Main traffic is from YouTube organic videos.
  • Never promotes a direct affiliate link. Creates a bridge/pre-sell page inbetween with a case study, video or testimonials from buyers.
  • Don’t ever rely on one income stream.
  • People fail because they learn but never take action.
  • Currently making $20k – $30k per month.

Hopefully you got a lot out of the video and it shows you that ANYONE can be a successful affiliate and entrepreneur, they just need the right guidance!

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