Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘Priming The Pump‘?

People can interpret it in different ways, even Donald Trump claims to have invented it (sigh).

Here’s what it means to me…

Imagine a well, full of water.

At the top of the well is a pump. One with a big handle that you need to pull up and down. Attached to the pump is a pipe that feeds down into the water.

So to get the water up from the well, you need to constantly keeping pulling the handle up and down.

If you stop, the water goes back down the pipe and you need to start over again.

But if you continue, keep working that handle and don’t stop, eventually the hard work will pay off and you’ll get the drink that fresh tasting water.

Now imagine internet marketing

This analogy can be used perfectly for this too.

Let’s say you find a new opportunity (a new well), you get all excited, keen to drink the water and start pulling and pushing the handle (priming the pump).

More often than not, you’ll give up before you see the water because it’s hard work and you’re not sure if there’s even any water down there. Doubts start creeping in.

You stop, tell yourself there’s no water in the well and move on.

Does this sound familiar?

We’ve all done it.

That’s why it’s so easy to keep trying to find new wells that might not be so deep, so the water is easier to get.

But the truth is, to get more water than you’ll ever need, you only need ONE well.

As long as you keep focused and believe the water is coming, keep priming that pump and don’t stop.

The water is coming!

Here’s an example:

I’ve been working on my Instagram account for a little while now (Priming the pump).

Learning as much as I can from the best out there. Testing, tweaking until results started coming.

I’ve posted almost every day for months.

But only in the last 1-2 months have I seen a big growth spurt.

If I would have stopped in December, then I wouldn’t have seen it.

Yesterday (10th Feb) was my best day so far. I had 520 brand new people start following my account. If that carries on, that’s 15,000 new followers every single month.

More importantly, I’m almost up to 9,500 followers in total, which means in the next day or two I’ll pass the 10,000 mark and get into FIVE figures.

This opens up some new doors on Instagram.

I can start charging for paid shoutouts from other people but it also means that I can use external links in Instagram Stories.

This means that I don’t only have one link in my Bio, I can use a different link in each Story I post.

What this really means

I can now start getting people off the platform more easily, get them to sign up to my list and use funnels to make money from them.

I want to start siphoning these people onto an asset that I own. If Instagram was to shut down my account then I’ve lost them forever, so I need to capture as many as possible.

So that is going to be my plan moving forward.

Want to copy this model and prime your own Instagram pump?

Well it’s pretty easy.

Just start an Instagram account, post to it daily, interact on the platform by liking and commenting when you can and use 10-30 hashtags in every post.

Put a link in your Bio initially offering something for free. You’ll need a cheap autoresponder like Mailchimp, Getresponse or Aweber for this.

Then move them through a funnel. This can be an autoresponder email series or blog posts offering your own products/services or affiliate products.

Don’t know how to build a funnel?

Well, whilst I use ClickFunnels™ and love it, it’s $97 a month so not suitable for everyone just getting started.

But check this out, here’s a funnel builder with built in digital product creator that’s a ONE TIME FEE ONLY. Pay once and build yourself a funnel in minutes.

Once set up, you just have to keep adding content onto Instagram and people will sign up to your list, go through your funnel and you’ll make money.

This is a really inexpensive way to start building a list, building an asset, making money and to stop you searching for another well.

Start priming your own pump today!

P.S. – Any questions? Let me know – tony@hubzap.com

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