I was out walking the dog (Jess) at around 7am this morning, she’s getting older now so it’s only a quick 20 minute walk, twice a day.

It was pretty chilly and had to defrost the car to get us there. But I do enjoy walking along Blackpool promenade, looking out to sea, as it brings a lot of things into perspective.

Having that change of scenery each day is important, as I find it opens my mind to new thoughts and gets me motivated for getting stuck into some work when I get back.

Which is why I’m writing this blog post right now…

Here are 3 quick tips that help me each day and why they might also be important to you if you want to work from home:

#1 – Remember Your ‘Why’

It’s often easy to quit or think something just won’t work. If this happens, remember your ‘why’. It’s the reason why you started. Just before you quit, always remember that ‘why’ and it will keep you going.

Your ‘why’ can be anything from wanting a better life for you and your family, maybe a new car or even just because you’re so fed up of going to your J.O.B everyday. Your ‘why’ is important.

#2 – Be Highly Focused

There’s no TV or even radio in my house until after 6pm (I live alone, so it’s not that I’m being strict with any kids!). I just find it easier to be focused on my work and not get distracted.

You have to treat working from home seriously and as a job. Because it really is. It’s just that you can do it without the commute and the often annoying work mates.

#3 – Set Big Goals

I’ll hold my hand up right now and say I’ve struggled for many years because of this. Until recently, I’ve never set big goals, had goal cards or even a dream board.

But now I have these, it’s dramatically increased my productivity. I have some huge goals, 2 goal cards right in front of me and also a laminated A4 paper stuck to my whiteboard with images of what I want to achieve.

You’ve probably noticed I’m breaking out of being behind the computer, by shooting videos and showing my face more often, right? I’m (scarily) blasting right out of my comfort zone but I’m trying to help as many people as I can to change their lives. To live it on your own terms and not someone else’s.

Well this extra level of work ethic is because of my goals. And I’ll not stop until I achieve every single one of them.

And I’ll do it by helping YOU!

Signing Off

Now that me and Jess have warmed up, I’m going to shoot some videos for Youtube to extend my reach and bring more people into my HubZap circle of friends.

Thanks for reading and I really appreciate you being here 🙂

P.S. – Any questions just let me know – tony@hubzap.com

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