I noticed this from an email I received the other day from ClickFunnels™ and thought I would share it with you.

If you read my last blog post, then you know I recommended promoting affiliate products only from companies who have their own eco-system.

There’s huge benefits to being paid when people buy products you haven’t even promoted, just through the way ‘sticky cookie’ affiliate programs work.

Check out the first couple of minutes of this video:

It shows how Spencer Mecham has made $1,010,563.25 in commissions promoting ClickFunnels™ as an affiliate. He only started promoting them in April 2017 and made his first $10,000 within the first 60 days.

This just shows how choosing the right companies and products to promote can literally be the most important thing to do as an affiliate marketer. It goes far deeper than just sending traffic to one offer.

(Spencer has a free video case study here, which is well worth checking out.)

So if you’re struggling to make a profit promoting affiliate offers, check out this post as it shows how to make more money by doing no extra work at all.

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